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A Piece of Earth That Drifted Away

2009 resolutions:
- Send birthday/christmas/new years/etc. card(s) on time
- Read 25 books
- Work on yokaze design and programming 5-10 hours a week
- Watch a movie
- Make good with neighbours and friends
- Drink at least two litres of water everyday
- Eat a piece of fruit every meal
- Save $$$ every month
- Write 2 hours worth of fiction
- Donor blood at least once a year
- Rewrite Japanese notes every month

I'm a paranoid android. All my actions can be explained just by remembering that credo. All posts in this journal that are either personal or mentioned someone by name is friend-locked, so if you can't see a post that didn't mention you, it doesn't mean it's not there.

My favourite flavour is salty, spicy, sweet and sour, in that order. I like cooking and baking mainly because I am curious about how the food taste like, which was why I bake a lot of sweet stuff even if I don't like sweets. I tend to try one piece and give the rest out to people that likes them more than I (thankfully there are a lot of sweets-loving people out there).

Crazy about:
- Soy products, especially soy milk, tofu and tofu skin.
- Chilli (the spicier, the better).
- Fruits with high water content, eg. watermelons, mandarins (3kg a week, easy) and Ya pear.
- Fruit juice, I can drink it like water.
- Nice & Natural Yoghurt Natural Nut Bars.
- Woolen anything.

Wet dreams:
Tag Heuer Kirium F1 Chronograph ('cause it's just like me, simple and nondescript at first glance, cool-as underneath :P)